What restoration steps are taken following fire damage?

In the era of technology, new advancements are constantly being developed. The reason behind these innovations is to make our lives more convenient day by day.

However, this comfort comes at a price. Electronic gadgets and devices are prone to several disasters.

Reports confirm that approximately 4500 residential fires occur in a year. Usually, they start in the kitchen, and electronic appliances cause 35% of these.

You must undertake restoration measures to restore the harm rooted in your home. Recovering from damage and restarting your life needs proper care. Nowadays, professionals trained to reinstate fire destruction are available. Their priority is to secure the place in the event of a fire.

However, the universal restoration process remains the same irrespective of any company. Are you interested to learn about the procedure? Let’s dive in!

Chernobyl disaster, Ukraine

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A 5-step procedure that is essential after a fire damage

We will look at the detailed restoration process so that you know what is ahead of the disaster.

1. Immediate response

An optimal fire damage restoration agency will provide an emergency contact. These emergency services will provide urgent relief to you and your home under challenging situations. It is a significant trait that must be present in every restoration company. 

This feature should be kept into consideration while looking for a suitable agency. You might be wondering why you need an immediate response from a repair company? The answer is pretty simple! It is the duty of these companies and the fire department to put out fires. In addition, the affected will require quick assistance for their property.

For instance, the flames burn a hole in your walls. To prevent your home from external sources of damage. With the help of these experts, your problem will get solved.

2. Assessing your property

The next step that a damage repair agency will do is to inspect and explore the harm done to your home. The assessment process gives a deep insight into what should be done. It includes checking how far the flames travelled. 

Also, how badly the smoke affected your walls and furniture is a part of the inspection. Through this procedure, the company will understand and develop a strategy. Furthermore, it will be known how much it will cost and how long it will take to fix the destruction fully.

3. Mending necessary leaks

It is no secret that fumes and flames can lead to burns and holes in your walls and roofs. To avoid the extent of damage anymore, your restorer will start by fixing those issues. Water damage is a fellow companion of fire. This makes water destruction repairs equally important. For instance, taking care of leaks wherever necessary. Water can internally destroy the foundation of a house.

4. Cleaning

As the next step, the restoration company will begin with the clean-up. This involves cleaning smoke, ashes, and dust from any surface. After the disaster, your home’s appearance will become burnt and dull. The aim is to make the house look as normal as possible. Thus, he will commence with the interiors first. 

Water damage restoration is done simultaneously with the clean-up. Any pool of water will be removed using pumps. Post this; the area will be dried and sanitised thoroughly. Why is sanitation important? Contaminated water can lead to serious health problems. So, you should remove any residue. Next, the restorer will clean all the carpets to remove any lingering smoky odour. 

Lastly, cleaning will also include the disposal of stuff and furniture you cannot repair. The best possible solution is to throw out any burnt couch or carpet. All of this will be handled by the restoration agency.

5. Reconstruction

The following stage is to begin renovation and repair of furniture and interior of the property. Carpets are replaced, wallpaper is set up, and walls are repainted. Woodwork like cabinets and almirahs can be repaired or replaced if destroyed. This will make your property look as good as new. These companies offer not only repairs but complete renovation. Therefore, you can sit back and relax because professionals will handle damage control.

6. Guidance

After all the hard work, your restoration agency will arrange a guidance session on measures to avoid future fires. Devices such as smoke detection alarms and water foam sprinklers are the best way to stop them. 

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  • Eco-friendly products
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